XR Games visits Escape Studios and De Montfort University as part of XR Futures

XR Games visits Escape Studios and De Montfort University as part of XR Futures
By Mat Murray on Thu Nov 03 2022

Andy Driver (Talent Acquisition Manager), Emily Davison (Art Manager), and Michael Neocleous (3D Artist) attended Escape Studios and De Montfort University; two universities providing courses in Game Art, Visual Effects, Animation, Games Production, Motion Graphics and more, to help inspire aspiring games industry professionals.

With the launch of XR Futures in October 2022, helping inspire and guide the next generation of VR/AR developers is an important mission for XR Games. Our team spoke at both universities, providing insights on how to get into the games industry, followed by live Q&As and portfolio reviews for students.

Emily Davison says:

"It was really great to get a chance to speak to the Escape Studios students! They're a super talented bunch, and the school always produces excellent graduates.

When I was in university, I was always super unsure of how having a job in games actually worked. What would my first day be like? What type of work would I do? Who would I report to? The goal of my talk was to relieve some of their worries, as well as offering some general advice. It was a super rewarding day!"

Michael Neocleous says:

“Talking to the students at Escape and sharing my career journey was a fantastic experience. There's an incredibly high standard of work emerging from Escape Studios, and it's great to see so many young people passionate about game art.

I'm confident that when the time comes, each and every one of the students will make a great addition to any game studio!”

XR Futures

XR Futures is a brand-new talent initiative created by XR Games, designed to help young people take their first steps into the games industry.

Looking for more advice or tips on how to make it into the games industry? XR Futures features a wide variety of educational resources, such as articles and videos, brought to you by the XR Games team.

Find out about our internships, apprenticeships and more by visiting https://www.xrgames.io/xr-futures.

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