XR Games partners with IO Interactive to develop 'HITMAN 3 VR: Reloaded' exclusively for Meta Quest 3

XR Games partners with IO Interactive to develop 'HITMAN 3 VR: Reloaded' exclusively for Meta Quest 3
By Bobby Thandi on Fri May 31 2024

Leeds, UK – June 4, 2024 – XR Games - in collaboration with IO Interactive - is thrilled to announce that it is developing and publishing 'HITMAN 3 VR: Reloaded' - a new VR version of the multi-million selling title ‘HITMAN 3’ - available exclusively for Meta Quest 3.

Rebuilt from the ground up for VR, 'HITMAN 3 VR: Reloaded' marks a significant milestone in the HITMAN series, by leveraging the power of Meta Quest 3 to deliver a truly immersive untethered VR experience.

Bringing dual-wielding to the series for the first time, increased interactivity, a completely overhauled user interface, and enhanced movement mechanics, ‘HITMAN 3 VR: Reloaded’ delivers an incredible HITMAN VR experience for HITMAN veterans and new players alike. 

Key Features of 'HITMAN 3 VR: Reloaded' Include:

  • Dual-Wielding: A series first, 'HITMAN 3 VR: Reloaded' introduces dual-wielding, allowing players to use two weapons or items simultaneously, adding a new dimension to strategic gameplay.
  • A brand new cel-shaded art-style: See Agent 47 in a whole new light with a stunning new cel-shaded visual style.
  • Enhanced Interactivity: Experience a new level of realism with interactive environments that respond to every action.
  • Overhauled user interface: HITMAN 3’s UI has been completely redesigned for VR, ensuring intuitive control and navigation.
  • Improved movement options: ‘HITMAN 3 VR: Reloaded’ now offers fluid and natural locomotion options, making it easier than ever to navigate complex environments with speed and stealth.
  • Many more improvements throughout: From visual enhancements to refined gameplay mechanics, this is the most immersive untethered HITMAN VR experience to date.

"We are excited to partner with IO Interactive to bring 'HITMAN 3 VR: Reloaded' to life on the Meta Quest 3," said Bobby Thandi, Founder and CEO of XR Games. "Our teams have worked tirelessly to bring this huge AAA franchise to VR. We knew the HITMAN audience demanded the absolute best VR experience, and only the Meta Quest 3 could power such large environments, dense crowds and emergent sandbox gameplay. With dual-wielding, a stunning new art-style, new features and improvements, we believe 'HITMAN 3 VR: Reloaded' will set a new standard for bringing AAA franchises to Meta Quest."

'HITMAN 3 VR: Reloaded' will be available exclusively on Meta Quest 3. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to step into the world of Agent 47 like never before.

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