Forbes (feature 1):

Best for entertaining the kids” and it's “simple and hilarious, players will get hooked!”

Forbes (feature 2):

“This is a great VR experience for families because it is shared with other players in the room. One player (of the appropriate age) dons the VR headset to pilot the ship, while the others use the TV screen to provide the right raw materials for him to launch missiles and collect the rewards. It’s simple and it works really well for children of all ages.”

Snappy Game Reviews: 80%

“When it comes to co-op games available on the PlayStation VR, The Angry Birds Movie 2: Under Pressure VR is easily one of the best available right now. It’s gorgeous, brimming with personality and a blast to play with friends.”

Game Tyrant: 80%

“...might be one of the best couch co-op games to have come out in years.”

AIR Entertainment: 90%

"The game is totally different from anything you have seen from Rovio before and for me, that was a great thing. "

Gaming Trend: 85%

“With simple asymmetric gameplay, this game is great... and a worthy tie-in to the movie.”

Darkstation: 80%

"I was captivated by the game’s charm and challenge to a degree I didn’t expect.”


VR Focus: 80%

"The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR Under Pressure really hooks you”

Video Chums: 76%

“A co-op PSVR gem... challenging and rewarding co-op VR experience that'll keep you and a few friends on the edge of your seats.”


The VR Shop: 75%

"This game is a fantastic laugh when played to its fullest. Can be played by all ages"

Upload VR: 70%

"Under Pressure impressively piles on new mechanics with every level."


Playstation Country: 70%

" of the few games that makes VR sociable.”


Gameover: 70%

“...incredibly entertaining and highly addictive.”


Press Play Media: 70%

“It’s a great party game that really encourages VR and non-VR players to cooperate”


Smart World: 70%

"A virtual reality party game, very fun and suitable for everyone"


PSVR World

"One of the best couch co-op VR games available.”


" is games like this that make Virtual Reality something appealing to a wider audience. Just as the original Angry Birds did when touch screens first came out."

VR Grid

"Great social co-op experience that will keep everyone laughing”


VR Scout

"...while designed specifically for kids—is sure to please many parents and adult gamers as well.”


"It's actually a pretty decent game and fun to work as a team in.”


Real o Virtual

“...very fun game to share with friends”


User score: 81%

Metascore: 71%

Our game has also been used as Location-Based Entertainment (LBE):

"The Angry Birds 2 Movie Under Pressure VR experience was a fantastic addition to the overall Angry Birds 2 activation at SEA LIFE Aquariums. The VR game allowed our guests to interact with the IP in a non-traditional, yet fun and hands-on way. Our guests raved about the overall experience and integration of the different elements into our Aquariums."


Bryan Sanborn, 

National Head of Marketing

Midway Attractions, North America

Merlin Entertainments PLC

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