Snappy Game Reviews: 80%

“When it comes to co-op games available on the PlayStation VR, The Angry Birds Movie 2: Under Pressure VR is easily one of the best available right now. It’s gorgeous, brimming with personality and a blast to play with friends.”

Game Tyrant: 80%

“...might be one of the best couch co-op games to have come out in years.”

AIR Entertainment: 90%

"The game is totally different from anything you have seen from Rovio before and for me, that was a great thing. "

Gaming Trend: 85%

“With simple asymmetric gameplay, this game is great... and a worthy tie-in to the movie.”

Darkstation: 80%

"I was captivated by the game’s charm and challenge to a degree I didn’t expect.”


VR Focus: 80%

"The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR Under Pressure really hooks you”

Video Chums: 76%

“A co-op PSVR gem... challenging and rewarding co-op VR experience that'll keep you and a few friends on the edge of your seats.”


The VR Shop: 75%

"This game is a fantastic laugh when played to its fullest. Can be played by all ages"

Upload VR: 70%

"Under Pressure impressively piles on new mechanics with every level."


Playstation Country: 70%

" of the few games that makes VR sociable.”


Gameover: 70%

“...incredibly entertaining and highly addictive.”


Press Play Media: 70%

“It’s a great party game that really encourages VR and non-VR players to cooperate”


Smart World: 70%

"A virtual reality party game, very fun and suitable for everyone"


PSVR World

"One of the best couch co-op VR games available.”


" is games like this that make Virtual Reality something appealing to a wider audience. Just as the original Angry Birds did when touch screens first came out."

VR Grid

"Great social co-op experience that will keep everyone laughing”


VR Scout

"...while designed specifically for kids—is sure to please many parents and adult gamers as well.”


"It's actually a pretty decent game and fun to work as a team in.”


Real o Virtual

“...very fun game to share with friends”


User score: 81%

Metascore: 71%

Our game has also been used as Location-Based Entertainment (LBE):

"The Angry Birds 2 Movie Under Pressure VR experience was a fantastic addition to the overall Angry Birds 2 activation at SEA LIFE Aquariums. The VR game allowed our guests to interact with the IP in a non-traditional, yet fun and hands-on way. Our guests raved about the overall experience and integration of the different elements into our Aquariums."


Bryan Sanborn, 

National Head of Marketing

Midway Attractions, North America

Merlin Entertainments PLC

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