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XR Games shares another look at its brand new Leeds studio

  • The award-winning VR/AR studio shares another look into how the construction and development of its new home are progressing

  • XR Games' team continues to grow more and more each month with the studio set to hit nearly 100 staff by the end of 2022

  • The development of the new studio is expected to be complete within the next six weeks

In July 2022, we shared the first look at our brand new Leeds city centre studio space which is currently being developed.

Today we're back with another look at how the development of our two-floor studio space is progressing.

This latest reveal showcases many significant structural and furnishing changes the space has undergone.

The latest studio video development update draws attention to significant changes to the second floor of XR Games’ new studio in particular.

These latest developments include:

  • Furnishing such as carpets and flooring in place

  • The construction of the XR Games bar located in the building atrium

  • The studio’s second floor kitchen being installed and fitted

  • The dedicated games room and gym being fully furnished with flooring

  • Shower and washroom facilities being installed

Construction is going well, with key milestones being hit weekly

We're nearing the end of development now, and the new studio space is set to be completed within the next six weeks. This means that, all things being well, we'll be settled into our brand new studio space before November 2022.

A word from our Founder and CEO

XR Games Founder and CEO Bobby Thandi had the following to say about the studio’s latest development updates.

“Every week we see more progress being made on the development, and I can't wait to move in.

This move marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in XR Games’ history, and I'm so excited to see what our teams can create in our new home."

Interested in joining the XR Games family?

We’re on the hunt for even more exciting talent to join our growing studio as we move forward into 2022 and beyond with some exciting projects.

Take a look at our current available roles listed over at, and hopefully, we’ll see you in the studio soon.


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Media Contact

Mat Murray, Head of Marketing, XR Games:

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