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XR Games commits to mental health advocacy by becoming a Safe In Our World Partner

XR Games becomes a #LevelUpMentalHealth Safe in Our World Partner to create a positive impact on the wellbeing of its team and the wider gaming community

We are thrilled to announce that XR Games has taken a significant step towards promoting mental health advocacy within the gaming industry by becoming a Level Up partner with Safe In Our World, a groundbreaking mental health charity.

We firmly believe that gaming has the power to bring joy and meaningful experiences to players worldwide. However, we also recognise the pressing need to address mental health challenges faced by both players and developers. By partnering with Safe In Our World, we aim to create a positive impact on the wellbeing of players and industry members whilst fostering a healthier and more compassionate gaming environment.

As a game development studio, we believe strongly in the power of community engagement. Utilising our social media platforms and community channels, we initiate open discussions about mental health. We encourage our team to share their stories, experiences and insights to foster a sense of connection and support among the gaming community.

Internally, we understand the importance of supporting our team members’ wellbeing. As a part of our commitment to mental health, we will be introducing comprehensive wellness programmes, counselling services and workshops on stress management and work-life balance. We believe that by prioritising the mental wellbeing of our team, we can nurture a productive, creative and compassionate workforce.

Our Founder and CEO, Bobby Thandi, passionately states: “We have a responsibility as game developers to care for the wellbeing of our team and the wider community. Joining Safe in our World as a Level Up partner is a crucial step towards creating a supportive and positive gaming community. We believe in leading by example and our commitment to mental health is driven by genuine care for the XR team and players alike.

XR Games aims to inspire other studios to participate in this transformative movement as we take the stride towards mental health advocacy with Safe In Our World.

As the Talent Acquisition Manager at XR Games, I firmly believe that a healthy workforce is a productive and creative workforce.” says Andy Driver. “Supporting mental health is not just an organisational decision but a personal one for all of us here. By partnering with Safe In Our World, we are taking strides to ensure our team members’ mental wellbeing, whilst also encouraging the wider gaming community to do the same.”

We are excited about our Level Up partnership with Safe In Our World and the opportunities it brings to raise mental health awareness within the gaming industry. Through community engagement and internal support programmes, we aim to make a positive impact on the wellbeing of our talented team and our wider gaming community.

By sharing our journey and encouraging other studios to participate, we hope to foster a compassionate and empathetic gaming industry that prioritises mental health and well being above all else. Together, we can make a difference - one level up at a time.

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