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Tamara Whymark Selected As A Women in Games Ambassador

Tamara Whymark, QA Tester here at XR Games, has been selected to become a Women in Games Ambassador.

Tamara joins over 1470 other individuals from across the globe, who have joined Women in Games on their mission:

  • To support all women, those identifying as women, non-binary individuals and allies, no matter what stage they are in their career or life journey.

  • To empower people to challenge gender inequality and discrimination by providing a safe space to socially connect, and to exchange knowledge and perspectives to activate change.

  • To celebrate and showcase the work and talent of women throughout the sector and provide unique opportunities for our Ambassadors to contribute to: our events programme, Awards, initiatives and research projects.

The Women in Games ‘Ambassador Programme Powered by Keywords’ welcomes a flurry of new Ambassadors. Thanks to Keywords we are now able to enhance impacts and accelerate change by supporting additional projects and research, events, exclusive materials, and services for Women in Games Ambassadors.

Women in Games Ambassadors are absolutely vital to the work that Women in Games does in achieving gender equality – everyone is welcome to join as an ambassador, as long as they are aligned with Women In Games’ mission to establish a gaming industry, culture and community free from discrimination, where full equity of opportunity, treatment and conditions empowers all girls and women, from all ethnicities, of all orientations, to achieve their full potential in the games and esports industries.

Women in Games Ambassadors champion and support people to understand the games industry and the opportunities there are within it, no matter what stage of their career or life journey.

Tamara says “It’s an absolute honour and a privilege to be selected as a Women in Games Ambassador! Getting into the games industry isn’t easy for anyone, and it’s even harder for women, so being able to do whatever I can to pave the way for the next generation of women game developers is super rewarding.”

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