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“I really enjoyed the short but sweet race format with a focus on quick replayability, finding secrets and optimising those tight banana drifts.”

- Henry Hoffman. BAFTA Breakthrough Brit and BAFTA winner for Game Design



All-Star Fruit Racing VR is an instantly accessible mobile VR experience. Race through fruit-filled courses, smash fruit, drift round corners and tear up the tracks to move up the leaderboards, squeezing every last second from your performance to pulp the competition. 


Slot your phone into a Cardboard VR viewer and max out your score as you drift, twist, jump and turn through an amazing VR world. Custom engineered for cardboard VR, All-Star Fruit Racing VR is the greatest mobile VR game ever made!

All-Star Fruit Racing VR has been featured by the Apple App Store in 155 countries and reached the top 10 chart position for 'Racing Games' in 63 countries!

Product Features

  • Master every track in this stunning mobile VR racing game - it's custom built for Cardboard VR! 

  • Short, quick-fire track challenges - can you improve your score and climb to the top of the league?  

  • Intuitive ‘look to steer’ control– race with your face!

  • Avoid the fruit, collect the Pipcoins and shave off every second to max out your score

  • Stunning fruit-filled tracks complete with hazards, boosts, thrilling jumps and multiple routes

  • Crash through Tangerain Forest, marvel at lush Watermelon Falls, drift through icey Plum Plummet and barrel across Coconaut Bay  

  • Three difficulty levels – earn your credentials and work your way up from Rookie to Pro

  • Pro-Ghost challenge – can you beat the developers at their own game by bettering their track records? 

  • Super accessible non-VR mode using one finger control - you don't need a headset to play!

What makes it fun?

  • This is fully formed, visceral VR gaming on your phone!

  • Super-easy to control - just look where you want the car to go and it'll go there; gyro control provides an incredibly refined response

  • Drift around corners, hit your mark just so, avoid fruit hazards, collect Pipcoins and fruit shoot your way to a personal best high score! 

  • Perfect your moves on every track, at every level, to score the most points and blitz the leaderboards!

Out Now on

PS4, Xbox One, Switch

And PC

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